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"Shadowboxer" premieres @ The Art of Elysium! Arts Elektra event will be streamed this Dec. 1!

Arts Elektra is a NYC-based Music and Arts collective founded by brothers Nikolai Fraiture (The Strokes, Summer Moon) and Pierre Fraiture (Contemporary Artist). Their mission is to “Do Music. Do Art. Do Good.” on a global scale with site-specific performances benefitting selected charities.

The Art of Elysium is proud to premiere “Shadowboxer,” an introductory short directed by Ellen Houlihan showcasing Arts Elektra’s journey from Tribeca art gallery to the World Trade Center and Miami Art Basel.

On December 1, the Art of Elysium will live-stream the third chapter of Arts Elektra’s C’est Le Moment Ou Jamais (It’s Now Or Never)––a thirteen-part collection of music and art exploring current existentialist themes.

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